Recruiter related questions

Q: How many Recruiters can there be for one Which.Work Campaign?

A: Only one Recruiter for any particular Which.Work Campaign.

Q: Does it cost anything to use the service?

A: No, service is offered for free. You decide how much you are willing to pay as a success fee, which is payable only, if person is hired with the help of referral through your Which.Work Campaign.

Q: Are there any limitations when sending messages for testing purposes to my own email account as Recruiter, prior starting commercial campaign?

A: No limitations on that.

Q: As a Recruiter, can I change my Which.Work Campaign settings, when the campaign has already started?

A: Yes, you can change settings of your campaign during the live campaign, e.g. such as validity, stop, restart, close, etc., with the exception of the success fee, which can not be changed after campaign is activated. However, all changes are subject to approval by our staff and we recommend you to always carefully consider any changes on live campaigns before making them, since they may affect to some campaign participants.

Referrer related questions

Q: Do I need to register in Which.Work service, before I can participate as Referrer in any campaign?

A: No, you do not need to register in order to participate as Referrer in campaigns.

Q: What benefits will I get, if I register in Which.Work service?

A: By registering yourself, you are able to store or import from other sources, like Gmail, your referral network contacts and easily select those contacts that you would like to invite to any particular Which.Work Campaign as well as to see general statistics of how your referral network is performing.

Q: What benefts will I get by participating in Which.Work Campaign?

A: You will earn from successful referral, i.e. we will share our success fee 50/50 with you, if your direct referral resulted in a hire through Which.Work Campaign.